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Douglas is a city in Cochise County, Arizona (USA). It is named after mining pioneer James Douglas. The population was 14,312 at the 2000 census.

Douglas stands on the U.S.-Mexico border, across from the city of Agua Prieta, Sonora, (Mexico).

World War I wife Hazel Carter was from Douglas.

Douglas is home to the historic Gadsden Hotel, which opened its doors in 1907. Named for the Gadsden Purchase, the stately five-story, 160-room hotel became a home away from home for cattlemen, ranchers, miners, and businessmen in the young Arizona territory. The hotel was leveled by fire and rebuilt in 1929. The Gadsden is recognized as a National Historic Site.

The Gadsden's spacious main lobby is majestically set with a solid white Italian marble staircase and four soaring marble columns. An authentic Tiffany stained glass mural extends forty-two feet across one wall of the massive mezzanine. An impressive oil painting by Audrey Jean Nichols is just below the Tiffany window. Vaulted stained glass skylights run the full length of the lobby. Great photos of the Gadsden architectural details can be seen among the photo galleries on the Cochise County - website.

Douglas was also the site of the Phelps-Dodge Corporation Douglas Reduction Works until its closure in 1987. Two copper smelters operated at the site. The Calumet and Arizona Company Smelter was built in 1902. The Copper Queen operated in Douglas from 1904 until 1931, when the Phelps-Dodge Corporation purchased the Calumet and Arizona Company and took over their smelter. The Calumet and Arizona smelter then became the Douglas Reduction Works.

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