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Snowflake is a town in Navajo County, Arizona, United States. It was founded in 1878 by William Jordan Flake and Erastus Snow, Mormon pioneers and colonizers. The population was 4,460 at the 2000 census.

Snowflake is nestled in the cedar tree and grass-covered foothills of Arizona's White Mountains, which gradually give way to the windswept Colorado Plateau just north of town. Snowflake is 25 miles south of Interstate 40 (formerly Route 66) via Highway 77.

Snowflake features a quaint, historic downtown district with original pioneer era homes open for tours. One of these homes on Main Street has been converted into a charming Bed and Breakfast.

Recently, the town and surrounding area have experienced steady growth, primarily to the east, west and south. A 27-hole golf course has been established near the Snowflake Arizona Temple, built by the Mormon Church in 2000. To the east of town, a substantial community of individuals suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity has grown since the 1980's.

Snowflake experiences a four season climate with a warm (sometimes hot) Summer, mild Autumn, mild to cold Winter and cool, windy Spring. Typical high temperatures hover around 90 during July and August and 30 to 55 in December/January.

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