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Statesboro is a city in southeast Georgia, United States. The population was 22,698 at the 2000 census. The city is the county seat of Bulloch CountyGR6. While Statesboro is considered to many as the college town of Georgia Southern University, the city was chartered a century prior in 1803. Statesboro leaders joined together, bid for and won the First District A&M School, founded in 1906, which eventually grew to become Georgia Southern University. The area surrounding Georgia Southern University was once called Collegeboro, but was never incorporated and eventually Statesboro grew outward encompassing "Collegeboro" and the university.

Although it is true that Statesboro and Georgia Southern University have historically grown and continue to grow in tandem with one another, the city cannot be considered a true college town. Unlike most college towns which are communities built around a college/university, Statesboro was a well established community whose civic leaders built and continue to build the university to this day. Although the university is run by the state government, it has very strong ties to various citizens of Statesboro. Statesboro-Bulloch County offers a diversified array of employment opportunities in agriculture and industry which are unlike most college towns. However, the Town-Gown relationship is very real, although not as intense as it could be since a large portion of the student population are also Statesboro natives.

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