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Kailua Kona, Hawaii Criminal Record Search

Kailua, Kona is a census-designated place located in Hawai‘i County, Hawai‘i, in the North Kona District of the Island of Hawai‘i. It is the center of commerce and of the tourist industry on West Hawai‘i. It is famous in the sports world as the site of the Hawai‘i Ironman Triathlon. The town's post office is designated Kailua-Kona to differentiate it from the larger, Kailua located on windward O‘ahu, although it is referred to as "Kona" in everyday speech. Many place names in the Hawaiian Islands are repeated on several islands, but the two Kailuas are the only confusing conflict in this regard. As of the 2000 Census, the town had a population of 9,870. The city is served by Kona International Airport.

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