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Detroit is the largest city in the U.S. state of Michigan and the seat of Wayne County. The city is located on the Detroit River, north of Windsor, Ontario. Founded in 1701 by French fur traders, it is a major port city in a region sometimes called the American Rust Belt for its industrial areas which for Detroit are mainly in the southeastern part of the city. Today, it is known as the world's traditional automotive center and an important source of popular music—legacies celebrated by the city's two familiar nicknames, Motor City and Motown. The city's present name comes from the Detroit River, which in turn derives from the French Rivière du Détroit, meaning "River of the Strait". The name alludes to the connection the river forms between Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie, although it is not literally a strait.

In 2005, Detroit ranked as the United States's 11th most populous city with 886,675 residents; this is less than half of the peak population it had in 1950, and Detroit leads the nation in terms of declining urban population. It is the focus city of the nation's tenth-largest metropolitan area, and the fourth-largest if Windsor and its environs are included.

Detroit's crime rate has brought it notoriety while the city continues to struggle with the burdens of racial disharmony between itself and its suburban neighbors. The city has experienced budget shortfalls, leading to cuts in city services. Nevertheless, Detroit is currently experiencing a downtown revival with the construction of the Compuware headquarters, a recently renovated Renaissance Center, three gambling casinos, new stadiums, and a Riverwalk. The city serves as an entertainment hub for the metropolitan region.

Residents are generally known as "Detroiters." The name Detroit is also sometimes used as shorthand for the entire Metro Detroit area, a sprawling region with a population as of the 2005 Census Bureau estimates of 4,488,335. Local colloquialisms for the city are The D and The 313 (its area code).

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