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Grand Forks is a city in Grand Forks County, North Dakota in the United States. It is the county seat of Grand Forks County and the third largest city in North Dakota. The population was 49,321 at the 2000 census (2006 estimate: 53,000). Grand Forks was founded in 1870 and incorporated in 1881.

Named after the forking of the Red River of the North with the Red Lake River near the downtown area, the city lies on the western bank of the Red River. It has a twin city, East Grand Forks, Minnesota, which lies on the east side of the Red River. The two communities make up the core urban area of the "Grand Forks, North Dakota, ND-MN Metropolitan Statistical Area". The metropolitan area is often called "Greater Grand Forks" or "The Grand Cities" (although that nickname is newer and not as generally accepted). The city of Grand Forks occasionally uses the nickname "The Sunflake City".

Grand Forks is home to the University of North Dakota (UND) and the Grand Forks Air Force Base (located 13 miles west of town). These two entities are among the largest employers in the state. Historically dependent on local agriculture, the city's economy has moved towards one centered on higher education, health care, the retail and service sector, and some scientific research. The city is somewhat of a hybrid of an agricultural town and a college town.

The city became known for its battle with the flooding Red River during April of 1997 in what is referred to as The Flood of 1997. Today, Grand Forks has mostly recovered from the flooding. The metropolitan area encompasses two counties and is seen as the retail, educational, healthcare, and entertainment center of a large portion of northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.

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