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Jaffrey is a town in Cheshire County, New Hampshire, USA. The population was 5,476 at the 2000 census.

First granted in 1736 to soldiers from Rowley, Massachusetts returning from the war in Canada, the town was known as "Rowley-Canada." In 1749, the town was re-chartered by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth as "Monadnock No. 2," sometimes called "Middle Monadnock" or "Middletown." It was one of the first towns established under the New Hampshire proprietors' purchase of undivided lands under the Masonian claim.

Settled about 1758, the town was regranted in 1767. It would be incorporated in 1773 by Governor John Wentworth, and named for George Jaffrey, member of a prominent Portsmouth family. Jaffrey's son was a life trustee of Dartmouth College, and designer of the official college seal.

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