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Ponca City is a city located in north central Oklahoma, 18 miles south of the Kansas border and 15 miles east of Interstate 35. The population was 29,948 at the 2000 census. Ponca City is the most populous city in Kay County. The city is near the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River and Kaw Lake which provide recreational opportunities.

Ponca City's history has been shaped for the most part by the ebb and flow of the petroleum industry. The Marland Oil Co., which once controlled approximately 10 percent of the world's oil reserves, was founded by eventual Oklahoma governor and U.S. congressman E. W. Marland, who drilled his first successful oil well on land he leased from the Ponca Tribe of American Indians in 1910.

Marland's luck and tenacity would fuel growth and wealth that were previously unimaginable on the Oklahoma prairie, and his company virtually built the city from the ground up. Decadent 1920s mansions -- including the famed Marland Mansion and Grand Home -- were built by Marland and his associates. Because of this period of wealth and affluence, Ponca City has an unusually high concentration of buildings that exemplify the popular Spanish revival architecture of the period, as well as art deco-influenced buildings and homes.

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