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Rockville, Virginia Criminal Record Search

Rockville is located in Hanover County and in the Central Region of the state of Virginia. Rockville is a small unincorporated town. Named for stone quarries located nearby, and formerly consisting primarily of farmland, today many Rockville residents commute to their jobs in Richmond, Virginia.

Some of the few stores in Rockville are "Fiesta Market"(which sells Chinese and Mexican cuisine, as well as deli sandwiches),"Expressway Food Mart"(more commonly called Hylas), and "Community Cuts."

While most of the land in the area is still farmland, many of the farms are being sold to developers, and suburban developments are coming in. The largest example of this is Carrington Glen, a very large development of new homes going into what was previously a large farm.

The local library has recently been renovated, and has nearly doubled in size, thanks to area resident J. Harwood Cochrane, retired founder of Overnight Transportation. The library is changing its name in his honor from the Rockville Library to the Cochrane Rockville Library. The library is in the Pamunkey Library System.

Rockville has a variety of recreational sports for children. There is a soccer and baseball field area at the Rockville School Park. there is also a gym and outdoor pool at the Rockville center. Rockville has a very strong swim team.

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